Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who is Grace?

I just couldnt resist blogging about this:

This morning I was singing with my daughter. She is practicing to audition for a school play, they are doing High School Musical. So, we were just singing some songs to get warmed up so she could rehearse what she had prepared for the audition.

Anyway. We were singing "Amazing Grace". And all though the song I notice this perplexed look on Kaits face. so when we are done, she looks at me and says with all true sincerity "Mom who is Grace?"

Anyway. Things here are ok. Garran had an appointment at the Transplant center last Friday. He has gained some weight, and a little in height. He isnt eating more we just figured out a new way to do his feedings. Since we had an abundance of his old formula because they switched him to chocolate Carnation instant Breakfast 1.5. (they were no longer going to carry the just for kids 1.5)

So we do Just for Kids 1.5 at night 4 cans, and he drinks two cans of carnation with each meal, cause he actually likes it. He will eat a little bit here and there, but the feeds and the carnation are boosting his calories enough that he gained 2 pounds in one month!

He is still on Minocycline, and if that doesnt start to work on the bugs he has they will put him back on the Zyvox. he hates Zyvox it makes him nauseas.

Personally, it has been pretty quiet here. not a whole lot of calls. sometimes it is a little lonely. But I stay busy. Chris works second shift now so we dont see much of him. And I have an interview Monday for Tax season.

I finish my Accounting degree this semester. I should have been done in December, but they added a class to my plan. So I wont be done until May. But technically I am. I have completed all the required Accounting coursework for my Bachelors. this class is just a university requirement.

Is waiting really the hardest part? I dont know. we have been waiting now for almost 6 months. There have been some real hard patches. Times when he has asked some very hard questions. Things I didnt know the answer to. We have met alot of fantastic people, some that are no longer here. Some that we are very grateful to have with us and learn from still.

Anyway. Have a great day.