Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adventure's, and friends

Took the kids to this place in Raleigh called Adventure Landing. They have putt putt and arcade games, and go carts and all that stuff. Well, we just did the putt putt and the arcarde games. The picture on the welcome page is from the beginning of the putt putt coarse.

We took the adventure coarse, which has some very large steps in the middle of hole 13. And poor Garran could not make it up the steps. So he was carried. He did very well for most of the journey through the putt putt coarse, tough little guy.

The kids had a blast. It was good to see them smile, laugh and have fun. I had fun too... :)

Tonight I took them to a chinese restaurant down the road. We were going to get take out because we were out and about and it was getting late, and they were all hungry. But then they all had to pee, so I said lets just go in. It was a nice chinese restaurant, the kids got their "training chopsticks" And Surprisingly they all ate their food, even Garran. He loves Lo Mein. me too. That and General Tao's Chicken. I like the spicy stuff. So does Garran.

The other two kids got the sweet honey chicken. I am not big into sweet chicken. something about mixing sweet and salt, I just cant do it.

The other day we were very priveledged to meet a fantastic woman who has had two double lung transplants. She has CF as well, and her charm and graceful demeaner was a peace that I really appreciated. She was able to give insight on how Garran is feeling about things, and what he is going through. things he won't talk about, or just cant because he is too young to understand how to talk about them.

I am very grateful to be able to meet her.

Last week in Support group, another CF'er who had had his Tx was there, and Garran was of coarse being Mr. talkative. as usual. which is good. But at the end of the group, he asked the man if he could see his scars. And surprisingly, he showed him. this was so great for Garran. I dont know if the gentlman really knows how much this helped him. He got into the car and said "Mom did you know that the scars were going to look like happy faces!"

So a big thank you to him!

What a great bunch of people we have met in the last few weeks. emails from friends and instant messages, with warm thoughts, and offers of help. I can not express, how much it means. Sometimes weeks will go by and there will be nothing, and it gets very lonely, for all of us, Garran will go to the mail box and say, "no mail" I cant wait to have my mail forwarded so he can start getting the mail out, even if it isnt addressed to him, he loves it..... He makes me laugh, I will get a bill from the insurance Co. and he will say "Mom that has my name on it!, it's mine!" and yet there are weeks that there is so much going on that we cant move without the phone ringing or the door knocking. So it is hit and miss.

Anyway, Today was a good enough day, and we are happy. that is what matters.


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Gabriela said...

G-Man! I am touched with your story. I wish you the best and I'll pray for you and your lovely family tonight.
God bless you all.