Friday, October 3, 2008

Update 10-3-08

So i am still tripping over that really cool donation of the sat monitor. OK I sounded like a hippie there, yes people I am only 32.

Today I had to go to the DMV to get a NC ID so I could register my van becuase my VA tags are expiring and I dont have time to go up to VA to get them renewed. So in order to do this I needed to A. get a NC license, or B. get a NC ID. So I opted for an ID.

And as in all DMV's we waited, and waited, and waited........seems to be our lot in life lately. waiting. But we met some interesting people in the lobby. yes I am one of those people that if you talk to me in the waiting room I will talk back. I didnt used to, but living in the south for so long I have almost driven all the NY out of me.

People always have questions when they see Garran with his oxygen. Sometimes I am not in a great mood and dont really feel like answering, but I know that they dont mean any harm by asking. And I can further knowledge about CF and organ donation.

By the way as of today I am officially an organ donor. Surprisingly, I thought I had been on my VA license, but I wasnt, what a bum transplant mom I am. So now I am officially an organ donor.
So anyway, as we are leaving the DMV Garran sees this cemetary next to the office. And he says "mom thats a really big graveyard" I said "yes it is" he said " can we go visit one of those someday?" I asked him why, and he said " I just want to see what is on the stones" Then he said, "why do some have flowers and some don't" and I said "well people bring flowers to graves of people that have passed on that they loved so that they can remember them." then he said "did you know when we go to heaven we will get a new body that will never die?"

What alot of thought for a little boy. He really has alot on his shoulders right now. I sit and think, hmm this is alot for me to handle, but he is the one going through this. And he is handling this with such grace. I can not even express it.

God really shines through him.

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