Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update 9-30-08 and New Photos Caring Bridge site

Yesterday Garran had his therapy and he did very well. He had a rough patch at the end and desatted to around 88 but was able to bring his numbers back up in a few minutes when we bumped his O2 up to 3 litres of continuous.

We were able to get the van fixed yesterday. The guy that delivers the oxygen came by and I guess he fixes cars on the side, and mentioned that it might just be the battery. I didnt think it would be the battery cause the van is only 4 years old. But sure enough it was.

But I was able to meet one of my neighbors in the process, as she over heard us trying to figure out things and offered to lend us some jumper cables. Then the O2 guy got his van stuck in the lawn at the apartments, (dont ask) and so I wound up using the rental car to, yes, pull this huge van filled with liquid O2 out of the NC mud. imagine, a little PT cruiser pulling a big van out of
the mud. but it did.

I have to laugh cause I was so scared at the time that it was going to trash the rental and I was going to have to pay for damages. Either way, my van is now working, and there are two big holes in the lawn in front of the apartment. And I have a rental car until Saturday.

But since there is no gas station in town that has gas it is worth having two vehicles with full tanks just in case. Yes no stations with gas. Is that crazy or what.

My daughter asked me if this was the end of the world like in the bible. I told her it just might be. Things are really looking close to it.

Anyway, not much else going on. Just waiting. Garran is back on his eating trip again. I like it when he is eating. I told my mom that he is a depression eater. Like his mother. He eats when he is sad. When he missed the kids and his dad he ate, when they first got her he didnt eat. But lately when he started thinking about dying, he started eating again. wierd.

So updates when they happen.

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